Vladimir Spivakov «Because I Love» | Фонд Спивакова

Vladimir Spivakov «Because I Love»

We express our gratitude to the employees of the Moscow International House of Music, including Ekaterina Shirman and Gregory Kovalevsky.

Employees of Boukulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery, including Leo Bokeria.

Special thanks to Director Garry Bardin.

Music throughout the film is performed by Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra and National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia: Artistic Director and Conductor Vladimir Spivakov.

Studio Projects TV, 2010
Photography Editor: Alexey Novatsky
Music Editor: Andrey Kukharenko
Manager: Aleksander Oganezov
Voice Over: Dmitry Polonsky
Cameramen: Lev Ermolaev, Anatoly Morfel, Aleksey Kozhuhin
Photography Director: Denis Modyshev

Vladimir Spivakov «Because I Love»