So that children could believe in miracles

2007 has been proclaimed a Child’s Year in Moscow and some other subjects of the Russian Federation. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation together with the Federal Treasury and the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation has started this Year with a unique initiative to support children. On 9th February, the Assembly Hall of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation hosted a concert by pupils of the Foundation along with orphans and disabled children.

The Author of the idea-Tatiana Nesterenko, The Project Art Director-Vladimir Spivakov, The Project Manager and Producer-Denis Bril, The Project Coordinator-Peter Gulko, The Film Director-Sergei Burnevsky, The Film Operators-Sergei and Vitaly Burnevsky, The Stage Managers and Masters of Ceremonies-Peter Gulko and Denis Bril, Executive Producers-Denis Bril and Nicolai Bogaichuk, Designers-Dan Davydov, Denis Bril and Nicolai Bogaichuk.
2007 г.

So that children cjuld believe in miracles